Modest Dressing for Catholic Ladies

For so many years, my Catholicism was Mass on Sunday and that was it. Don’t talk to me about birth control, modesty or chastity. There were even a few years that I “fell away”. When I returned, being Catholic meant much more to me than “getting my sacraments”. I began digging deeper. I gladly fled […]... Read More
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Portland Oregon

Portland, Oregon is a profusion of greens and a mass of flowers. For a high desert, rock and juniper dweller, it is a bombardment of color. The senses are assaulted by sweet smells (at least away from the road), refreshing sights and, well, the sound of traffic. Okay, but the plant life is incredible when […]... Read More
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How To Find Mass on the Road

Inside Stella Maris, Goose Island, Texas I still am getting used to the idea of using my smartphone instead of paper maps, telephone books and a cell phone. Everything evolves around here, especially with rving full-time and relying heavily on modern technology to navigate and assist in finding what we need during our slow travels. The […]... Read More
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It’s Winter and our Coats are at Home!

Winter has rolled in to Colorado and my winter clothes are all in Arizona. We have the heater on in the trailer day and night. We’re not moving on for another few weeks – What to do?  To tell the truth, we did keep a few winter items with us “just in case”. Not that […]... Read More
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While The Cat’s Away…

So, while the guys are away, toughing out the late spring snow and cold in Colorado, I’m getting ready for a couple of stealth camping trips.  (Shhh…)  The first order of business is getting the new (to me) camping trailer set up for adventure.   The new tiny home In considering what to christen her, […]... Read More

Simplifying Climate Change

I know, it’s Lent.  I should be writing about Ash Wednesday, or penance, or the Pope’s resignation.  I think all that’s pretty well covered in other people’s blogs.  I was reading an article in the January issue of The Catholic Worker about “The Church and Climate Change”.  This started the wheels turning in my head. […]... Read More

Form and Substance

Outdoor altar at the Memorial to the Unborn, St. Germaine’s Catholic Church, Prescott Valley, AZ There is a lot of contention these days about the particular form of things.  What words should be used in the prayers of the Mass.  What gestures should be made.  How we should place the furniture (ie., altar, tabernacle, pews, etc.).  These are […]... Read More