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Whitehorse Lake Trail, Williams, Arizona

Late in May, I found myself in Williams, with my car pointed down the “south road” (aka 4th Street) out of town. The warm sun, the brilliant blue sky and the seductive scent of pine lured me on to where 4th Street becomes Perkinsville Rd. past the back side of Bill Williams Mountain. At the […]... Read More
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Tic Tac Toe

In an effort to beat the heat this week, we’ve been escaping another 1000 feet in elevation to Williams, Arizona.  Relaxing at one of our favorite fishing holes, my son sets up an impromptu game of “tic tac toe”.  After a couple of dozen rounds, his interest wanes and he gazes off to the side […]... Read More

The Homekeeper’s Journal 3/1/11 This week the Homekeeper’s Journal is about Spring Time Changes. In My Kitchen This Week … spinach salad with red onions, pork roast and baked potatoes, ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery (a treat!).  Eating more meals outside in the nice weather. Changes I Make To My Home In Spring … repotting the houseplants, […]... Read More