Memorial To The Unborn

St. Germaine, Prescott Valley, AZ What is a Memorial to the Unborn?  They have been popping up all over in the last number of years.  Ranging from a simple headstone in a flower bed, to small parks at the side of a church, to Facebook pages, these memorials all have one thing in common – […]... Read More

Were You There When the Sun Refused to Shine?

Sometimes a line in a song cuts straight to the heart.  I feel it with the National Anthem (and the rockets’ red glare…), The Celtic Farewell (may holy angels be there at your welcoming, and all the saints who go before you there), and Were You There?  For me it’s verse 4, “were you there […]... Read More

Our Lady of Sorrows

Every year on my birthday I look at the parish calendar and see it there. The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. How apropos, I used to think, with an ungrateful heart. Let’s have a pity party. I felt sorry for myself and what I perceived as my sorrowful life. I feel blessed and honored […]... Read More