Modest Dressing for Catholic Ladies

For so many years, my Catholicism was Mass on Sunday and that was it. Don’t talk to me about birth control, modesty or chastity. There were even a few years that I “fell away”. When I returned, being Catholic meant much more to me than “getting my sacraments”. I began digging deeper. I gladly fled […]... Read More
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A Catholic Traveling

Oatman burro gets friendly outside of town It occurs to me that I have not mentioned about our plans to get back on the road. When I first started the Catholic Traveller blog and website, the plan was to travel frequently and visit missions, shrines and other holy places, take lots of pictures and video, […]... Read More

Grace To Climb Mountains

Last Sunday’s sermon touched on Confession.  About how we will face mountains at various times in our lives and need God’s grace to climb them.  God’s grace comes to us in the sacraments.  Especially in Confession and Holy Communion.  When we are suffering, we face a mountain we must climb.  God’s grace helps us to […]... Read More

Cultural Diversity

Several recent events have given me cause to be grateful for our cultural diversity here in the United States. Once again, St. Patrick’s day came and went, this year, with more meaning to me.  I had watched the movie  “St. Patrick, The Irish Legend” and subsequently did a little further research on this beloved saint.  I’m […]... Read More

Confession For Spiritual Direction

I have an ongoing debate with a friend about Confession.  It goes something like this:  “I’m going to confession, you wanna come with?” (strength in numbers).  “I don’t need to go.” “Huh?” “I haven’t committed any sins.” “Hah! What about…?” “No mortal sins!  I just confess my venial sins straight to God.” etc. I can […]... Read More

I Resolve, With The Help Of Your Grace…

We seem to have made it through Christmas by the skin of our teeth around here.  I actually had to give myself permission to let some of the things I wanted to do slide because there simply wasn’t time, and I refused to let superficials interfere with our family and spiritual celebration.  I did get […]... Read More

Just a Little Bit

May 21, 2008 Spiritual Direction. A friend and I were discussing religious life the other day. Sometimes she thinks about entering a monastery to become a contemplative nun. I encouraged her desire (against my own selfish wish to keep her here as my friend) to take several weeks or months at a Benedictine monastery where […]... Read More