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Spiritual Exercises – Week 1

This week has been an eternity and yet it has flown by. Getting up at 4 a.m. to do my holy hour has been both horrible and wonderful. Horrible – need I say why? Wonderful – I feel awe at the insights I receive in practicing the exercises. As I discover a new order for the disorder that is my…

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Modest Dressing for Catholic Ladies

For so many years, my Catholicism was Mass on Sunday and that was it. Don’t talk to me about birth control, modesty or chastity. There were even a few years that I “fell away”. When I returned, being Catholic meant much more to me than “getting my sacraments”. I began digging deeper. I gladly fled the world for a time.…

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A Catholic Traveling

Oatman burro gets friendly outside of town It occurs to me that I have not mentioned about our plans to get back on the road. When I first started the Catholic Traveller blog and website, the plan was to travel frequently and visit missions, shrines and other holy places, take lots of pictures and video, and share impressions, recommendations and…

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Grace To Climb Mountains

Last Sunday’s sermon touched on Confession.  About how we will face mountains at various times in our lives and need God’s grace to climb them.  God’s grace comes to us in the sacraments.  Especially in Confession and Holy Communion.  When we are suffering, we face a mountain we must climb.  God’s grace helps us to climb it. When I moved…

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The Transfiguring Power of Bleach

This morning was beautiful and 70 degrees, with no wind.  A welcome respite from the icy weather of the past week.  I even shed my long johns and winter socks for the day.  Not for long, another storm is due Wednesday. As I hung my clean laundry on the line to dry, the sunlight bounced off some of the whites,…

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