Downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico

One of our favorite day trips from our current location in Southern Colorado, is historic downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. While we haven’t yet partaken of the Opera, we have enjoyed ogling the classic southwestern adobe architecture. 


Browsing upscale boutiques, then crossing the street to explore quirky shops filled with folkart and local handcrafts.

Loretto Chapel needs its own post, there are just too many pictures and details to include here.


A stroll past the park reveals a stone turtle and a checkerboard, ready to play.

The Deck at 221 looked interesting, with sculpted horses, rearing with pride. Maybe next trip we’ll sit up there under the umbrellas, sipping iced tea or espresso and watching the action below.


Vacation Bible School

Catholics didn’t used to have Vacation Bible School.  We had day camp, or youth group, or nothing at all.  It was great fun, we went swimming, went to the beach, roller skating, did arts and crafts, and had a big campout on the last night.

Now a lot of our churches are having Vacation Bible schools, but my local one doesn’t.  So I take my son to the Baptist church’s VBS.  It is a great ecumenical and community building experience and I just love the Baptist preacher and his wife, who also just happens to be one of my favorite authors.  Oh, and the kids have a lot of fun too.

The ladies in charge of arts and crafts really outdo themselves with clever activities.  The games are very clever and exciting, the snacks are fun and imaginative.  The children learn a new Bible verse each night, and work on songs and dances all week.

On the last night of vacation bible school, the children put on a delightful production for their parents and friends.

Every year we look forward to VBS at the Baptist Church We hope they continue having it for years to come.