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Rediscover Jesus, by Matthew Kelly
Prepare to meet Jesus in a whole new way. As Catholics, we’re educated in the trappings of being “Catholic”. But we are not typically guided into a “personal relationship with Jesus”. Rediscover Jesus changes all that. It brings us to the biblical Jesus and shows us how to let him into our daily life.
I have always envied the Protestants their evangelical tools. In Rediscover Jesus, Matthew Kelly has given Catholics a book, not only to evangelize themselves, but with its simple language that makes sense to the average person, we now have a tool to evangelize beyond ourselves.
The answers are there, in specific Bible verses and in personal examination of our lives. Each chapter offers a microsection of our life or character to look at, pray about, and work at molding into Jesus. Parishes are using this book for evangelization. Families are giving it to friends and loved ones. Discussion groups are forming and Catholics are learning once again, what it means to be Christian, as we Rediscover Jesus.
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In the few years since I last reviewed Carrick Ministries, their focus has broadened and evolved so much that I thought it was worth another mention.  Julie is still singing, writing songs, touring, and doing parish missions. Carrick Ministries has also teamed up with a number of other artists, such as Leighton Drake, another fantastic artist/minister I reviewed previously. This enables Carrick Ministries to offer a number of parish missions, events, and even a diocesan Catholic Women’s Conference, coordinated by the team.
Event choices offer themes of: Divine Mercy, Discipleship, Using the Sacraments in our daily lives, “Living Our Creed”, “Living the Mass”, and Marriage. All events are elevated by Julie’s inspirational music and exquisite voice. Dates are still available for Memorial Day Weekend, through October 4th. See Carrick Ministries website for further information and to schedule your event.
An interesting addition to the offerings is the “Gathered in Grace – Women’s Conference”. This is fully coordinated and presented by Carrick Ministries, who will work with your diocese in scheduling, managing and promoting it. The conference offerings include: 2 presenters, Julie and one other; music; materials to help get your conference set up and print ready materials for promotion, as well as a broadcast-ready Public Service Announcement. For more info, testimonials and to schedule your conference, see Carrick Ministries website.
Finally, I cannot help but recommend Julie’s amazing music. Her recordings include Catholic favorites as well as her own compositions. Her voice was exquisite before her bout with a rare and insidious form of lung cancer, and she came back even better than ever. Her personal struggles, reflected in the songs she has written, touch every one of us who have experienced the same or similar struggles. Her faithful reliance on Jesus and “Mamma Mary” is a light of hope for all of us looking for the answer to making it through the trials of this life. Carrick Ministries is now offering Julie’s music in 10 CDs, 3 DVDs, a songbook, and a complete boxed set.
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