spiritual exercises - week 5

Spiritual Exercises – Week 5 The General Confession

spiritual exercises - week 5

Spiritual Exercises – Week 5 is all about the General Confession. My time slot is on Saturday morning. I am very glad to have this opportunity to clean up my soul, as there are many sins from the past that I have confessed but they still bother me.

Using a cheat sheet

As part of the Spiritual Exercises – Week 5, we were given some guidelines for confession. I followed the directions to write down all my sins as I have a tendency to lose my words when I get nervous. I also wanted to make sure I confessed everything. When I have something awkward to say it helps to hide behind a piece of paper. Or a computer…

I even found an Examination of Conscience sheet for my son, to help him, too, have a renewed interest in confession. I want to put our faith in a reasonable and sensible context that will help renew his love and his interest in it.

So far this is the most amazing part about the spiritual exercises for me – the general confession. I have agonized and grieved and mourned over my past sins for so many years.


I was so excited and nervous. The General Confession was a wonderful experience. It was so simple. I followed the directions – just simple, straightforward, confession of my mortal sins. Absolution – walk out clean. What a burden lifted.

Click here for Fr. Broom’s podcast on General Confession.

If you are near Hawaiian Gardens, CA sign up for the next session of the Spiritual Exercises with Fr. Ed Broom, OMV at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church.


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