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The Shameful Misuse of our National Parks

national parks
Grand Canyon NP, Arizona, USA

The government shutdown offered a unique opportunity for Americans to enjoy our National Parks for free. To camp and wander unrestricted and prove ourselves worthy of this gift. And we showed ourselves dreadfully unfit by the shameful misuse of our National Parks.

Shame on us!

Unfortunately, vandalism, trash, human waste, and off trail destruction has been our return. Apparently, we need Big Brother scrutinizing us after all. It seems we are simply rebellious children, waiting for mommy and daddy to leave so we can trash the house. Throwing rocks through the neighbors windows and running away before we get caught.

We don’t deserve these natural treasures if this is how we are going to treat them. They might as well be sold or leased for fracking or development or something.

So what should we do?

When will we take the reins of entitlement and blame and call whoooaaa! It’s time to put on our big kid pants and adult. If we don’t take care of our lands we won’t have access to them. Pack it in, pack it out. Don’t poop on the side of the road, and if you just can’t manage, scoop your poop and drop it off at the next trash can.

Do you go to your mom’s house and tag the walls? Then don’t do it at the parks. Do you drive all over your neighbor’s lawn and garden? Then don’t go off roading at Yosemite or Joshua Tree. Use Google and find BLM and other off roading areas.

Who is stepping up?

I am disgusted and ashamed. I hate that this kind of behavior still exists. We should instead be taking up the responsibility of keeping our parks – our home – clean and safe to enjoy. I applaud those local businesses, the Muslim youth group, and other organizations and individuals who have stepped up. Isn’t there some hashtag for this yet? How about #savetheparks or #pullyourheadout.


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