Great Feast – And Nobody Shows Up!


Today’s gospel, the great feast parable, reminds me of the time I planned a big birthday party for my son. I invited people a month ahead and gradually everyone bugged out. Only 2 elderly friends came and had cake with us. He was very disappointed.

So for his Confirmation/1st Communion a couple of years later, I invited the usual people, half of whom once again declined. Then, having been prepared by prior experience, and incensed by the continuing rebuffs, I invited the whole town and told them to bring all their friends. Well, very nearly. It was a small town and though we didn’t know everybody I wasn’t too worried about any danger. We also had a good 10 acres to play on.

The event was a success. Many children came and my son, and I think all of us, had a rollicking good time.

How much more so do we disappoint Jesus, when we have our whole lives to prepare for his feast. Let us wash, anticipate, and joyfully attend his feast!


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