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Spiritual Exercises – Week 1

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This week has been an eternity and yet it has flown by. Getting up at 4 a.m. to do my holy hour has been both horrible and wonderful. Horrible – need I say why? Wonderful – I feel awe at the insights I receive in practicing the exercises. As I discover a new order for the disorder that is my life, I feel anxiety melt away.
I am glad to return to a morning holy hour.
I had missed it but was too lazy/tired/uninspired to return to it until now. Having these spiritual exercises to guide me helps tremendously. I know that my Lord and Lady have missed me even more than I have missed them.
Though I attend daily mass and make an effort to say the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet during the day. Still, the morning holy hour has long been my favorite time of day. Today I reconnected with God’s infinite Love & Mercy.
In the act of getting my morning coffee, lighting the candles, and centering my attention on the home altar, then putting myself in the presence of God and asking the help of our Blessed Mother, my mind is put at rest to focus on the scripture reading of the day. I meditate on it and let my meditation take me to where I need to go. To speak to God and listen to him.
My meditations do not always stay on the scripture reading as sometimes I become distracted by my worries. But I take those to God anyway and trust that this is what we need to talk about during this holy hour. And he gives me peace and consolation. What unrest he does give me causes me to rethink my attitude.
We are instructed to write for 5 minutes after each holy hour about the insights we gained and what we experienced in our meditation and contemplation.
Colloquy is talking to God. Revision is writing about the experience. The prayer method involves a specific scripture reading, a guided meditation, and contemplation, followed by colloquy and revision.
If you are near Hawaiian Gardens, CA sign up for the Lent session of the Spiritual Exercises with Fr. Ed Broom, OMV at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church.



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