Portland Spirit Luncheon Cruise

Before we left Portland, we were treated to a luncheon cruise on the Portland Spirit. Unfortunately, we parked in the wrong area and ended up walking over a mile to the launch area. This was not good for abuelo, so finally a pedal powered transport was located and abuelo loaded on for a ride the rest of the way to the boat. The crew was most cheerful and accommodating. They procured a wheelchair to board the abuelo and seated us with easy access to the restrooms.
I am very much a landlubber, though I am open minded about the water. I was wondering if I could tolerate even a short cruise without getting sick. As I sat at our table, pre launch, I began to feel queasy. I turned my head from the window and decided to take some pics of our party. The moving around helped. It helped settle my stomach when my peppermint tea arrived. I think I was a bit hungry and tired from the long, hot walk from the car.
The menu offered 4 choices: vegetarian yellow thai curry, parmesan crusted chicken breast, fresh pacific cod fillet and beef bourguignon. I was not in a vegetarian mood, so I chose the beef, as it included mashed potatoes and my stomach was just not in the mood for the rice pilaf, included with the other choices. Appetizers and alcoholic drinks were also available for an extra fee. The food was excellent and I felt much better afterward. A grand piano was situated in the center of the room and we were entertained with music and singing by the cruise director (who was also our server). She even sang a special Father’s Day request for the dads in our party.
As we proceeded down the Willamette River, we decided to explore the ship. The second level contained a lounge and minimal outdoor seating at the bow. The top tier had quite a bit of seating, as well as the bridge. The captain was quite pleased to let the boy take the helm and even teased that he would be going to lunch, since the boat was in capable hands. Thank God he was teasing! The boy enjoyed learning about the computerized sonar and steering the boat. We all jumped about 2 feet when the captain told him to “push that button”, which caused a loud blast of the ship’s horn. I don’t think anyone dropped their phone/cameras in the water.
We spent some time enjoying the view up top, and relaxing in the deck chairs. Then it was already nearly time to disembark. We proceeded back down to our table, collected the abuelo and awaited docking. Satisfied that I could endure a short cruise, I determined that we must try a longer one very soon.

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