Oregon Trials

Today our adventure was interrupted by a flat tire outside Pendleton, OR. It was on the inside dually and AAA did not have someone to change it in Pendleton, so they sent someone from a neighboring town. We were at the truck stop and browsed the gift shop where Auntie bought a Pendleton wool blanket for $60 and a fuzzy warm blanket also. Back at the RV, we had lunch. Our service man arrived and installed our spare and we were back on the road.
Less than 100 miles later, the spare blew. Since we were close to our destination, we just slowed down and limped into Portland. It was a relief to arrive at Auntie’s house. From here, we will be able to get new tires installed, make some minor repairs and use the tow car, our PTCruiser, to get around town.
First things first, however, a big backyard bar-be-que for abuelo, with all the local siblings, grandchildren and cousins in attendance.

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