Trail to Oregon

We are on our way to Oregon, taking our 90 year old grandpa to see his old haunts and several of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. And to get out of the house. And the cold. Since we are in the RV this time, we not only have 2 big “house” batteries to give us lights, hot water, and water pump, we also have the solar panels and batteries connected to a big inverter, to charge our gadgets and run the occasional AC appliance, like a heater (our central heater’s motor keeps going out). Luckily, the weather has been warming up as we go, so we are needing the heat less and less.
Outside Moad, Utah
Our first night out, we camped totally off-grid, outside Moab, Utah. The scenery was breathtaking, the parking area quiet despite 4 other rigs parked there. The porta-potties still spotless. After a comfortable nights rest in real beds, we started the morning with coffee, admiring the sunrise streaming through our front windows and taking the chill off from the 45 degree night. After breakfast we took a walk in a dry wash, keeping an eye out for snakes. We saw a few trails, but no slithering creatures, which was good, as we were wearing sandals.
Having refreshed ourselves with colorful scenery and an invigorating walk, we continued down the road. We made a lunch stop at the Great Salt Lake and soaked our feet in the salty water. I had hoped to walk on water, but it was not to be. Abuelo enjoyed having Yak and Auntie push him on his walker. He told some stories about his travels through this area with Auntie and Dad’s mother, early in their marriage. Yak completed the Junior Ranger program and received his badge. We continued on towards the Idaho Border and a less exciting boondocking experience. Even so, we were away from traffic and the noise of big rigs parking for rest periods. We had our coffee and breakfast and stretched our legs. Then on to Oregon.
Great Salt Lake Marina, State Park, Utah
Driving through Idaho was very relaxing. Little traffic, lots of well-tended farms and interesting looking outbuildings in varying degrees of disrepair. It was hard to capture the heartwarming charm of it all as we were driving by. We crossed the Oregon border before nightfall, still quite a ways from our destination. The Oregon Trails West RV Park provided us with full hookups for $27 with our AAA discount. The showers were hot and clean, the park has lots of green grass, tall, shady trees, picnic tables, dog runs, tent spots and full laundry. The office smelled good! Maybe a vanilla candle or some other nice air freshener, along with snacks, fresh hot coffee and limited RV supplies. We were also able to fill up with gas and propane on site.
View from Trails West RV Park, Baker City, Oregon
Morning coffee preceded hot showers and a hot breakfast with a spectacular view of snow capped peaks. Little did we suspect that we were going to need this leisurely morning to fortify us for the long day ahead but more about that in my next post.

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